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MELISSA Fitzgerald

  It is my absolute honor to be a part of my clients' growth and change as they use the therapeutic process to deepen connections, strengthen boundaries, heal from trauma, and work towards making lasting change.  I have benefited greatly from the therapeutic process myself and understand how daunting it can be to begin a relationship with a new therapist.  It is my responsibility to create a safe environment and relationship that will nurture a sense of autonomy and empowerment.  I work in a feedback rich environment to meet each client's needs individually and thrive on the communication that will allow me to better suit each person's process.  With the constantly changing world and all of its immense stressors, therapy can be the one place to put down all of that weight and share it with a trusted individual.  I take a trauma informed approach and blend modalities focusing on Family Systems from a Solution focused perspective.  I work with your strengths and support your growth in building momentum towards strength and resilience.  My goal is to provide an authentic and culturally competent practice for clients to thrive in as they make their way through the change process.    
  I celebrate your strength in taking this step toward a more satisfying life experience and am excited to explore ways to improve your overall well-being. 
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