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  My practice fuses inspiration from existential psychotherapy and expressive art. I specialize in working with young clients who are struggling with everyday emotions, anxiety, grief, depression, challenging relationships or trauma. During our therapy settings we organize our sessions based on the child and family’s goals and motivations. Working together, we find a wide variety of interventions to help them improve their everyday experience and meet the objective at hand. We identify roadblocks, map what success looks like, and trouble shoot together as a team using a combination of art practices and talk therapy. Along the journey with my client, we unpack and depict harmful bias, stereotypes or unhelpful self-perceptions that may be getting in the way of growth and healing. As a counselor, I aim to create a therapeutic environment for all families with an abolitionist lens that is anti-racist, LGBTQAI+ Positive, and rooted in a framework of disability justice.
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