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Leo Whisten

  Do you feel unfulfilled in school, at work, or in your relationships? Do you feel unable to express yourself authentically? Are you overwhelmed by anxieties or stuck in depression, with the only certainty being that you know you need help?
  I view anxiety and depression as natural and hopeful forces that direct us towards necessary changes. I believe that all people already have within them what they need to grow and thrive, and by recognizing something is wrong, you have already taken the first step towards utilizing those innate resources. With your courage and commitment, and my warm, steady presence, we can build a relationship that uniquely supports you enough to continue listening to your body as a means to explore those conflicts in yourself and in your environment.
  I am passionate about working with teens, emerging adults, and specifically younger men, because I benefited immensely from therapy in my past. Having a space where my vulnerable, burgeoning self was accepted and supported gave me enough security to continue searching for an authentic life. At every step, I’ve worked hard to become the person who could’ve grounded and inspired my younger self. Today, I carry a Master’s in Counseling from the University of Edinburgh, as well as a shared understanding of difficulties, stressors, and possibilities that exist for younger people in our modern society and culture. I am excited for you to see who you might become in and beyond our work together.
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