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  Starting your practice is an exciting and big step towards your career.  Our training and education may have left out all of the logistical details and maintenance it takes to run a successful practice.  It can get overwhelming fast!
   At Bené, we help developing clinicians get established in the private practice world in a way that is ethical, comprehensive, and simple to understand.    Bené has done the leg work and research to provide the highest quality guidance and support to clinicians so that you can focus on the clinical work faster with your clients.  We provide a way to gain the benefits of a group practice, while maintaining your own practice.

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Billing.  Creating Forms and Documents.  Insurance Paneling.  Licenses.  Referrals.  Office Space.  Office Equipment.  Taxes.   Waiting Room.  Advertisement.  Invoing.  Credit Card payments.  Records requests.  Notes and Documentation.  Financial Records.  Assessments.  State requirements.   


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