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  Lovely to find you here.  My practice prioritizes a collaborative medium where clients are able to be seen through a strengths-based, antiracist, safe-space providing lens.  To help guide clients towards their goals, I will be utilizing various therapy interventions and bio-psycho-social theories as tools. I am a Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectal Behavior Therapy informed clinician. Through these evidence based practices and with the commitment of the client, these best can be used to reduce distress in one's life. I have experience working with: Anxiety disorders, Depression, PTSD, Personality Disorders, Co-ocurring & more.

  I am informed on CBTp (CBT for psychosis), as working with severe mental illness has been the root of my practice.  Bipolar, Schizophrenia, & Schizoaffective disorders are some examples of this. Some areas of focus: domestic violence, relationship distress, women's self esteem, identity work, self-actualization, and youth & families.

  I am striving towards having a culturally competent practice, which entails having the willingness to listen to client’s needs and meeting in the middle. Viewing clients from a person-centered lens is a way to strengthen my practice, since this provides the means to guide clients to a better quality of life by helping reduce mental distress.

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