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Erica Ambis

Erica Headshot_edited.jpg

  Hola! I believe everyone can benefit from talking openly and honestly about their thoughts and feelings. Opening up can be hard and feel uncomfortable, but great things can come from that partnership! Together we can explore your feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress, anger, whatever those feelings may be that come from everyday life. I have worked with individuals, couples, and families, from youth to the elderly. 
  I have over 10 years of social work experience and I am bilingual in English & Spanish.

  I love to help people learn, grow, and feel better. I am passionate about social justice and equity issues and working with the underrepresented and minority groups. Our culture can be a big part of who we are and how we identify, and I am very proud of my Hispanic heritage. I also love helping those who are part of geek culture.

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