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Bridget Bailey

  I deeply believe that healing is possible, and I have dedicated my life to this. I see each client as an individual and will work with you to identify your specific wants, needs, and goals for our work together. Whether you are dealing with deep trauma, family problems, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, grief, or a spiritual crisis, I offer compassionate, effective, and evidence-based treatment that you can access from your own home. As a trauma-informed clinician, I work with your consent and at your pace to help you gain greater clarity and understanding of your past experiences as well as support you to grow the capacity and skills to navigate ongoing challenges in your life.
 My background has given me a wide range of experiences, training, and expertise to help address the causes of suffering and stress in your life. As a holistic clinician, I weave together various therapeutic modalities such as Somatic Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Attachment Theory, NeroAffective Reprocessing Model (NARM), Dialectical Behavioral Training (DBT), Transpersonal Psychology, Mindfulness, and many others. The methods and techniques I use will depend upon your specific needs and desired outcomes. It can be a big decision to begin on a journey of personal growth and healing. If now is the right time, I welcome the opportunity to talk about your needs and goals and help you determine if I am someone who can help.
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