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  Whether this is your first time seeking therapy or you’re re-engaging in services, choosing to prioritize yourself and invest in your well-being is a big step and I’m glad you’re here! 
  I believe individuals are the expert of their own story and in honoring that, it’s important to me, to create a space where you feel safe to share challenges, comfortable celebrating moments of growth, and open to having the occasional laugh. Life is hard enough and a good laugh can be refreshing. 
  My therapy style is client centered and solution focused, with techniques such as reframing and positive self-talk being staples in my work. I have a passion for working with women, who, with the hustle and bustle of life, may feel disconnected from themselves.  I also enjoy working with individuals who work in healthcare and experience stressors from the work.
  As you begin your journey, finding a therapist that is the right fit for your needs is essential because there is no one size fits all and that’s okay. I look forward to connecting to determine if I might be the right fit for you. 
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